The most innovative design
Sewinfla’s inflatable paint booth is equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system, the best materials, and has more than two sets of high-power blowers, one set for inflating the booth within a few minutes, while the other set is for keeping the air circulating and filtering the overspray.

In addition, patented filters and air draft devices are also optional to further enhance filtration efficiency and ensure a clean environment. 
Hepa Filter, Multi-layer

Sewinfla insists on using a costly multi-layer replaceable filter. One is a fiberglass filter or Epa-Registered filter to absorb paint particles from the air, and the other is an activated carbon filter to remove harmful substances.

Standardized replaceable design for all Sewinfla booths.

Did All You Need

Focus on what really matters, Sewinfla is founded on quality, function and innovation, resulting in  inflatable paint booth designed exactly to your needs.

Replaceable Double Filters

Multi-layer, EPA-registered filters are more efficient and cleaner.

Patented Sewinfla Elephant Trunk

improve the booth's performance and better solve the problem of the over spray.

Lean Manufacturing

Computerized cutting, double-needle stitched,high quality 210D oxford fabric with PU coating strengthens the durability of booth.

Special Custom Zippers

The double-ended, double-headed, plus-size zippers, more durable.

Multiple qualification certification

CE certification ,EPA registered, filter SGS certification, UL certification...

Local After-sales Service In Us

24-hour online local customer service, Local supplies, fast delivery

The Sewinfla Booth Excels In All Scenarios.

Whether you are spraying tractors, cars, auto parts, furniture, decoration materials, or factory production materials. The Sewinfla Paint Booth has been used by tens of thousands of customers and its quality and efficiency have been proven.

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