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Product Manuals

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and check the product for quality problems before first use.

Use steps:

1.  Keep the floor clean and free of sharp objects, such as stones, tools, branches, and other sharp objects.

2. Spread out and flatten the booth. Find the quick vents on either side of Booth and close the zipper. Locate the fan inlet, connect the fan, and tighten the belt.

3. Turn on the blower and inflate the air. Give booth proper support during standing. Please use the handle on the booth air column to adjust the stand position and make the booth stand firmly.

4. Fill the sandbag with sand and press it against the D-ring at the foot of the post. Secure Booth's shoulder d ring to the nail and insert the nail into the ground. When it is windy outside, do not fix the tent to any fixed point that cannot be moved (for example, expansion screws on the concrete floor).

5. When the paint is ready, open the filter caps on both sides. Connect the fan power supply to ensure the normal operation of air circulation. There must be enough fresh air in the workplace. Paint booths are used in small, enclosed rooms where filtered air must be piped out. It is recommended to use a special air filter for this product. When the car enters the tent, remember not to repeatedly crush the zipper, large vehicles, or heavy objects into the tent, please do a good job of zipper protection, do not directly crush.

6. After finishing the painting, if you need to keep the booth standing and wait for the paint to dry, you must ensure that the fan power supply is continuously energized before the fan can continue to work. The continuous operation of the fan should not exceed 8 hours. If the fan needs to work for a long time, buy a spare fan and use it alternately every eight hours. Prevent the fan from burning out the motor due to overload and overwork.

7. After finishing all painting work, clean all items in the booth and properly clean the floor inside the booth. Then turn off the ventilator, cover the filter window with a lid and unzip the front door. Raise sandbags and ground nails. After confirming that the surrounding environment is safe, turn off the fan for the column. Wait for Booth to lay down slowly. Open the quick vents on Booth's side air columns to allow Booth's air to drain completely.

8. Straighten the fully deflated stand, then fold the stand into a daily storage bag.



1. Do not use it outdoors in bad weather: thunderstorms, rain, wind, snow. Do not use paint booths outdoors. Booth is not a rainproof product. Especially in windy weather, do not use the booth outdoors to avoid wind caused by booth tearing.

2. Do not cut the booth with any sharp objects, such as knives. The booth is hard to repair when scratched.

3. Be sure to open the vent cover when painting. If the lid does not open, the booth may be torn apart by high pressure.

4. Booth hung some light hooks on it. Use electricity and be careful inside the booth.

5. Please be careful not to touch the cloth when using the heating tool in the booth.

6. When the outdoor temperature is too low, it is recommended to find an indoor warehouse for heat preservation and use a booth. When the outdoor temperature is too high, please use the booth where the indoor temperature is suitable.

7. Booth storage, to be placed in a cool and ventilated place, to delay the aging of materials, and prolong the service life of the booth.


In particular:

If using paint booths indoors, make sure filtered air is ventilated outside and that fresh air enters your studio. Otherwise, due to less indoor air, which can not form the back pressure, the filtration system can not work normally, resulting in indoor air turbidity.

When painting parts of your car, completely cover areas that do not need painting.

The mixture of spray paint and air is a flammable and explosive gas. No fireworks. The ventilation device used to export over spray gas from the booth must be explosion-proof.

Emergency treatment:

Because the spray chamber is supported by continuous blowing by the blower, the power supply should not be cut off when used. For frequent users, it is recommended to set up a support frame in the booth, so that the booth can stand without blowing. In case of emergency, escape through the front door, back door, or emergency exit. If trapped, use a knife to escape through the booth.

We try to do a better job, but the filtering won't be as good as houses that cost thousands of dollars to paint that are stationary buildings.

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