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Q1: How does it work?
A1: Sewinfla inflatable paint booths are equipped with more than two air blowers, one for inflating the booth and setting the workshop up within a few minutes, while the other keeps the air circulating in the workshop to ensure a clean and safe environment. Just do a great paint with Sewinfla NOW!

Q2:Is it waterproof and will it hold up to water being sprayed on the floor?
A2: We do have an inflatable waterproof booth on the shelves—Sewinfla airtight spray booth uses a high-strength PVC mesh cloth thermal bonding process, and the top design of the irregular diagonal line is more conducive to the sliding of water droplets, which can be used in light rain or humid environment, but not for heavy rain or storms.

Q3: I want to use it indoors. Is there any problem with that?
A3: For indoor use, we recommend that you use it with our air suction device. By connecting the external extraction fan and explosion-proof pipeline, the filtration system can greatly improve the filtration efficiency and discharge the filtered air to the outdoors.

Q4: Can I customize the booth to the size I want?
A4: Of course, you can! We offer customized services in different sizes and colors. Just send an email to us at sewinfla@ejaee.com or call our colleague Tai Li at +1 4177661682. Sewinfla did all you need!

Q5: Where can I buy replacement blowers?
A5: We have a range of accessories for sale, including air blowers and various filters, you can find everything you want in our shop.

Q6:Is there an option to cool the air in summer? Does it get very hot?
A6: It does gonna be pretty hot. Just use it indoors, as long as you have a matching suction device(elephant trunk) for your booth.