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Sewinfla Upgraded Design -lmproved Ventilation Efficiency
The Sewinfla upgrade design inflatable paint booth generates airflow using powerful blowers and is equipped with an intake filter, dual-layer filters on both side windows, filtering exhaust and odors.

Combined with an air ventilation system (front door mini air draft device and exhaust fan), controlling air flow and quality in the environment, ensuring safety and efficiency during the painting process.
Let's learn more about inflatable paint booth with Sewinfla!
Common Queries
1.What do I get after my purchase?
- Booth x1, Inflation and ventilation blower, Air Ventilation System Components (Including front door MIni Air Draft Device and Exhaust Fan with duct), Complete Accessories (nails, wind rope, sandbags, stitching kit, repair materials, storage bag)

2.What sizes are available for inflatable paint booths?
- Sewinfla Inflatable paint booths come in various sizes to accommodate different needs and spaces. Common sizes range 13-39Ft length from small booths suitable for personal use to large booths suitable for industrial applications. Sewinfla also supports booth customization services to meet different painting needs.

3.Are inflatable paint booths suitable for professional automotive painting?
- Yes, inflatable paint booths can be used in professional automotive painting facilities. They provide a controlled environment for painting vehicles, ensuring high-quality finishes.

4.What are the advantages of using an inflatable paint booth?
- Inflatable paint booths offer portability, easy setup, and versatility in various environments. They also provide effective containment of overspray, ensuring a clean and safe workspace.

5.How long does it take to set up an inflatable paint booth?
- Setup time varies depending on the size and model of the booth, but generally, it takes between 3-5 minutes to fully inflate and set up an inflatable paint booth.

6.Are inflatable paint booths suitable for outdoor use?
- Yes, inflatable paint booths can be used outdoors, but they need to be used in stable weather, do not use it outdoors in rainy or windy conditions.

7.How do I clean and maintain an inflatable paint booth?
- Cleaning and maintaining an inflatable paint booth involve regularly removing overspray buildup, inspecting seams and components for damage, and following guidelines for storage and maintenance. Additionally, keeping the filtration system clean is crucial for optimal performance. Regular replacement of tent filters is recommended.

8.What is the permissible temperature when using heating tools in the booth?
- We recommend that when using heated tools in the booth, the temperature should not be over 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Also, for your safety, it is strictly forbidden to have open flames in the booth.