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Why Choose Our Inflatable Paint Booth?

Our products are inspired by the people and world around us, over the years, we have continuously optimized our products based on valuable user feedback, and are committed to providing the most user-friendly and cost-effective inflatable paint booths, which have been widely recognized. We are always looking to your feedback!

The Best Inflatable Paint Booth On The Market

The Best Inflatable Paint Booth On The Market

Top-class design, high-quality, extraordinary performance!

Easy to set up
Just connect the equipped blcwers, and you can quickly build a huge workspace in ten minutes. It can be used indoors or outdoors. The booth is designed in different sizes and can accommodate furniture, cars, trucks and other large objects of various sizes. After use, it can exhaust quickly and store the booth for easy storage.
Here are some tips on
How to choose the right booth?

No.1 Don't be deceived by false pictures

The booths of many brands are only equipped with single-layer activated carbon filter, which can only filter the peculiar smell, and basically has no filtering effect on the overspray. Overspray cannot be directly discharged into the air, which will cause air pollution and even complaints from neighbors. When the overspray is discharged indoors, it will adhere to all indoor items and is difficult to clean.

Multi layer filter VS Single layer filter
Sewinfla booth is equipped with multi-layer filter (black activated carbon filter + green EPA registered filter) to effectively filter the overspray. After discharge, it will not cause air pollution and can maintain a healthy indoor and outdoor environment. We also provide separately sold EPA registered filters and activated carbon filters for you to replace. You can change the filters regularly to achieve the best filtering effect.
No.2 Don't waste your money

The filtration efficiency of the booth depends on the power and flow of the blower. When the blower inflates, the air pressure inside the booth is higher than that outside, forming a continuous exchange of air. Simply increasing the number of filters without increasing the blower will not improve the filtration speed. This will only reduce the air pressure inside the booth and prolong the residence time of overspray inside. When replacing the filter, it will cause huge economic costs and difficulties, and waste you more money.

Scientific design VS Unreasonable design

Sewinfla  booth adopts a more scientific design, and the fresh air is poured into the booth through an independent air inlet basket pipe. Maintain a reasonable air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the booth, realize rapid air exchange, improve the filtration efficiency, and save the cost of replacing the filter.

No.3 Make the right long-term choice

Booths of other brands do not provide suction devices for indoor use. Overspray is directly discharged indoors, causing serious air pollution and will be attached to various indoor items. In addition, the overspray will enter the booth again through the blower, making the filtering system of the booth completely ineffective.

Additional accessories VS No accessories

Sewinfla  provide special accessories for indoor use - Inflatable Paint Booth Air Draft Device. The device can greatly improve the filtration efficiency by connecting the external extraction fan and explosion-proof pipeline. Solve the problem of air circulation inside the booth, reduce the residence time of overspray, and guide the waste gas to the outside. The device contains a built-in filter box, which can conduct secondary filtration of waste gas and minimize the discharged pollutants.